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Text Box: Entering or expanding a business in the Middle East:

A number of our clients joined the firm at the start of their businesses and it has been particularly rewarding to work with them and help as their businesses have grown and flourished.  Whether your company is just starting up or is on the verge of becoming a global powerhouse, our professionals can help you manage and sustain your companyís growth.

We know the Market, culture, social and business environment of the Middle East. We have strong links with local Accountants and Legal Firms. We can communicate in local language. 

Our services

Entering a new arena without any contextual knowledge can often lead to expensive errors.  SARKS and its associates will help you with any or all of the following:

Carry out a comprehensive analysis and research of your intended market,
Assess and scrutinise your potential, and prepare for the worst,
Your best route to market, logistics, regulation, barriers, tariffs, customers and suppliers,
Your competition and how your company will forge itself alongside it,
An online business-to-business global payments solution which allows its customers to trade globally, but settle accounts in their local currency, simply and cost effectively,
The right training and development to meet the needs that we identify to make your businesses more successful Ė improving performance is the core competency of both our companies,
Mentoring from a Local Expert Professional,
Ongoing Support.

Our work does not stop at only offering help through research and advice but enabling you to test market, attract customers, appoint agents and distributors, benefit from a local partner who knows the market, and develop international business.

Our experts can advise you on:

The local business environment,
Finance, grants and incentives available to you,
The location of your business,
The labour market,
Taxation and business structures,
Accounting and auditing requirements,
Political and social customs,
And put you in touch with relevant third parties.

Egypt-UK Trade Bucks Global Downturn

Sir Andrew Cahn, chief executive of UK Trade & Investment, says British firms have a new interest in doing business in Egypt - Aug-09:

In Britain we have positioned ourselves as a hub or springboard for companies to invest in the rest of the world. Our pitch to foreign companies is: Come to Britain and then do business in Europe. I think the most interesting thing that I saw is that Egypt has the potential in the same way to be a hub. Geographically, itís very well situated. Itís not quite Africa or the Middle East or even the Mediterranean ó itís a bit of all of these. So geographically Egypt is well positioned to be a hub. It has good transport infrastructure and it has a workforce capable of creating this hub. 

The UK is the largest foreign investor in Egypt. Foreign direct investment in FY2007/08 totaled $3 billion (LE 16.8 billion), up from $16.9 million (LE 94.6 million) in FY2003/04. Most of the investment is in oil and gas, however, UK firms have also invested in sectors such as financial services, tourism, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, textiles and consumer goods. Other sectors the UK is potentially eyeing for investment include education and skills, ports and logistics, railways, water and wastewater, agriculture, chemicals, the environment, fire and security, healthcare, and ICT and renewable energy, according to UK Trade and Investment. Though trade with the Middle East is down compared to last year, the UK also saw growth in exports to the UAE, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, and Syria during the first two months of the year.

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