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Text Box: Why settle for a book-keeping service when you can have your own professionally run Finance Function.

Our aim is to relieve management from the burden of running and controlling a finance function leaving them time to concentrate on the important task of growing the business. Too much time is spend on managing in-house functions, thus allowing competitive advantage to be lost.

At Sarks we are very experienced in outsourcing of complete accounting services for companies. We over a range of accounting services with clients can have access to an experienced Finance Director to meet their needs and budget. This service can cover ad hoc project work through to regular attendance of an FD at the clientís company.

Our accounting services at SARKS are aimed at the small and medium enterprises (SMEs). The services you may wish to consider outsourcing include:

Outsourced bookkeeping

We take all the major bookkeeping chores off your hands, leaving you free to focus on your core business. SARKS bookkeeping service ensures that your business financial records are maintained and interim accounts are prepared in an accurate and timely manner which will enable you, for an example, to see what debts are outstanding so that you can manage your cash flow accordingly.

Outsourced management accounts

Management accounts are different from the statutory accounts that we prepare and submit to the authorities (the contents, the way they are prepared and reported etc are totally different). There is no legal requirement to prepare management accounts, but it is hard to run a business effectively without. With a budget, cash flow forecast and management accounts, which analyse recent historical performance, you can work out in advance how you deal with one off large costs and see patterns of costs that should be investigated early on.

These accounts are usually required from Banks and potential customers and most companies produce them regularly on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Outsourced payroll services

We at Sarks remove all the hassle of setting up and running a payroll system, while giving you the benefit of our expertise in employment and tax legislation. SARKS payroll service is a comprehensive, reliable and affordable.

Outsourced internal auditing service

We are able to provide a range of internal auditing compliance service with best practice solutions to add value to your business. We will be able to discuss with you individually your specific requirements and tailor our service accordingly. This may include single or multi site visits to review any of your internal processes, policies and procedures and to recommend best practice solutions suitable to your business. We can also monitor the implementation of our recommendations to maximise the value from the audit. 

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