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Text Box: The company secretary will normally be expected to undertake some or all of the following tasks:
(a) Preparing and storing of the company's statutory books. The main items are:

Members list
Directors and secretaries accounts
Contracts in which the director(s) has an interest
Register of company charges
Shareholders list - for PLCs only.

(b) The responsibility for making sure that Companies House receive all required documents in a timely manner is the Company Secretary's. The use of the appropriate forms when making changes or additions relating to the company is important.

Company Formations

Operating through your Limited Company could be the most tax efficient way of working but isnít it a lot of hassle managing your own limited company? Well, with SARKS Accountants. you might be surprised at just how little extra work there actually is managing your own Limited Company. Other than sending out invoices, a few cheques here and there to HM Revenue and Customs and filling in a spreadsheet there really isnít that much more.

So once youíve made the decision to operate under your own Limited Company, the next step is to form your company which could be formed within approximately few normal work hours:

Just a few easy steps and you are ready to trade!

Your choice of Company Name
Certificate Of Incorporation
Memorandum & Articles
Minutes of First Board Meeting
Completed Share Certificates
Company Register
Incl all Government Fees
You can use us as your registered office if that's more convenient for you.

Once you have formed your Limited Company with us, you will receive all the necessary Limited Company documentation, along with an application for free business banking, VAT and PAYE registration details where applicable. 

What kind of information will be asked for?

During our process of forming your company you will be asked for several pieces of information:-

Director Details:		
The Director controls the company bank account, invoicing and decides on how much to pay themselves, which is made up of a combination of salary and dividends.

Secretary Details: 	
From 6th April 2008 the Company Secretary became optional for private companies but they will remain mandatory for public companies.

Dividends are distributed to the shareholder(s).

Do I need a registered office?

When you form a Limited Company you will be asked to provide an address to be used as your registered office. Most businesses use their own address, but you can use us as your registered office if that's more convenient for you. 

This service is particularly useful for smaller companies, such as those being run by a sole director from home, where a separate address for service of routine paperwork from authorities such as Companies House and the Inland Revenue may be required.

Any official correspondence received by SARKS will be notified and forwarded to you at any UK or European address you choose, and then SARKS can deal with it for you, saving you the worry.

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