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Text Box: SARKS Accountants and associates specialise in business consultancy services which achieve growth. These include business planning, bid writing, business development, business strategy, marketing, HR, procurement, supply chain management, change and e-Business.

Temporary assistance with projects e.g. at year-end or cover for absence, leavers etc and ongoing support and advice.

We are totally focused on supporting our clients to grow and prosper and have many years experience of doing so.

Creative ways to cut costs

The idea

There is often an unrealistic expectation about how much financial benefit can be gained from improvement activities. The harsh reality is that while some will benefit your cash position (for example, collecting cash faster from customers), some will benefit your profit and your cash (for example, buying in kits rather than parts, releasing floor space so you no longer have to rent storage space), but some will bring no financial benefit (for example, cutting the time to make a product or deliver a service when you have no work to fill the released capacity).

While they don’t bring any immediate financial benefit, this last category (the enablers) does present an opportunity to do something valuable (something that the customer values and will pay for) with that released capacity on the machine, or that released workload for an employee or that released floor space. 

In practice

Manage expectations by being realistic about the financial benefits.
Identify whether a planned activity should improve profit and/ or cash, the expected financial value of the improvement, and the timescale.
Re-engineer your reporting to segregate the cost of “enablers”, focusing management attention on them.
100 Great Cost-Cutting Ideas—Marshall Cavendish

Our Associate Business Partners work closely with us to support our activities to provide the complete package for our customers. Their involvement means that our customers can have fast access to greater market reach and profit. 

We are innovative in our approach to building a powerful network of Associates, Partners and Clients. 

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